Trump and the NFL

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 I’m watching the late afternoon game and trying to figure out why President Trump decided to use the NFL for his latest adventures. Some ideas:

1. The obvious: He has Kim Jung Un hovering over him, he tries yet another attempt to pass his Obama ACA repeal (which won’t work,) the Wall is nowhere near being built…wag the dog and get everyone talking about something totally different.

2. His need to be the center of attention: The “Maybe he’s just stupid” argument doesn’t work for me. He’s attended Ivy League schools, made lots of money in real estate, been able to file bankruptcy three times and come back…he knows what he’s doing. And that is to dominate the very media he regularly assails.

3. He just wants to win: And with a 70% white electorate, he’s calculated his NFL stand is a winner.  The Bay Area is a different world, so it’s tough for us to accept that politically he has continued to feed the very people who got him elected.

4. He really in his heart believes the players are wrong and thus this stand reflects his core beliefs.

No matter the reason, he’s won more than we think. Realize this is a man who doesn’t care if you love him or hate him as long as he wins.

Sure, at the same time, his thin skin belies that. But he is nothing if not a man of contradictions.

Bottom line: Did he realize he was stepping onto a third rail when he started his attack?

Of course he did.

It’s all politics.


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