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Sep 4 | Posted by: Ronn |

If you're at a supermarket, museum, restaurant, bus stop or ball game and you eavesdrop on other conversations for a second, you hear the word. 

In a talk, lecture, disagreement, etc., the word comes up: Trump.

Rarely have there been such strong emotions about a modern-day American political figure.  Half the country wants him out;  the other half voted him in and will not allow their votes to be discarded.

Impeachment (if, which is questionable, he committed an impeachable offense) is a cumbersome, lengthy process which would divide the country even more...and still not guarantee Trump’s removal from office.

So here are my suggestions:

Democrats:  Until the 2018 election is concluded, stay low. Stop with the constant criticism of the President.  Disagree on issues of course, rather than voicing the constant refrain of “how did we ever get into this mess to begin with?”    Coalesce around the issues that mean the most to you and seek qualified, electable people to run for office on your ticket at every level.  Construct a plan that enables these people to function from day #1 (Hello, Kamala) in explaining why they are there and what they want to accomplish.

Then, as 2020 approaches, a list should have emerged as to which leaders have the best chance of winning the White House.  Encourage them to emphasize, in plain English, what they will do to help people.  Stay away from focusing on the errors of the Trump Administration.  Don't knock Trump’s narcissism, ego, or short temper...everyone already gets that.

Republicans:  Focus on issues which could gain both Presidential and Congressional approval:  Infrastructure, tax simplification, changes (not elimination) in the ACA that have Democratic support.  Present some specific job ideas focusing on the future, not retaining jobs in industries where time has passed them by.  Stop apologizing for or defending Trump . He is who he is and won't change.  What you in the GOP need to do is change the perception of the Republican party to one that really cares for people who need help. Listen to them. Care about them.

There's no guaranteed path to the 2020 White House in any of these ideas, but if both parties focused on these suggestions, the intense heat of political debate today would be lessened.  And that’s something a lot of us would like to see.

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